What's in a name?

Whether you call it a Pinwheel (American English), a Wind Mill (UK English), a Windrad (German) or a Girandola (Italian), the company name comes from the toy that children play with at the beach, or a decoration you might find in a garden.

The pinwheel symbolises what Pinwheel Consulting can help companies achieve. If you take a pinwheel and shift its position, it begins to spin around as it catches the wind. As you keep adjusting the pinwheel to catch the wind, eventually you will find the position where it spins steadily.

Businesses operate best when the company, people, vision and strategy are all in the right position. When all that is aligned, your business operates more effectively and efficiently, thus the tagline <Managing Momentum>.

Today's business environment is so fluid that even with great momentum it is always a challenge to maintain that momentum as business environments change direction.

Our Philosophy Rosanne Bachman

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